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Passionate about helping you to reach your full potential


Edge ahead of the competition by training your inner mental resources. Hone your mental resilience and power up your performance on the pitch.

Transformational Therapy

Access the power of your creative mind and open your future to wonderful possibility. Rid yourself of unwanted behaviours that stop you moving on in life. 

Focus, concentration and attention

Having your head in the game is essential. Being able to call on your mental resilience training when under match stress is imperative to playing at the highest level. Learn how to develop these vital skills that are at the foundation of any serious player’s mental resources.

Unwanted Behaviours

Do you have behaviours that you seem unable to stop, even though you want to? It can feel like you are a slave to your desire for alcohol, drugs, gambling or even food. Learn how to rid yourself of these unwanted masters and take control of your life.


Uncontrolled frustration on the pitch can make your game suffer. Repeated red cards mean less game time, impacting on your match fitness and reactionary-edge.     Learn how to re-direct and harness your natural combative instinct to play like a winner.

Relationship and Bereavement

Loss of a significant loved one can impact greatly on how you feel and behave. It is a time of re-adjustment, re-evaluation and can often feel incredibly isolated. Learn how to strengthen your identity and move through this process in the healthiest way possible. 

Injury recovery

Repeated injuries and returning to play after incomplete recovery can be devastating to a player’s career. The body has an amazing capacity to heal. Learn how you can optimise your recovery time and avoid repeated injuries using powerful, yet simple techniques.

Career transition

Careers come to an end and this time can be one of self-doubt and confusion. Any transition is also a time of exploration and opportunity. Learn how to consider your options, prepare your future and view this time as one of personal possibility and growth.

Mental Health

Life can be stressful and at times, overwhelming causing us to have periods of depression, anxiety or phobic reactions. Using your mental capacities, ingenuity and intelligence, you can break out of unhelpful thought patterns and beliefs and free yourself to plan a healthy future. 

Food and Body Image

Many of us struggle to maintain our healthy, ideal weight. We have unhealthy relationships with our bodies and our interactions with food. Form a positive relationship with your body, become more relaxed around food and see food as the cornerstone to a healthy, balanced life.

Dr. Anne Robson

I have been working in psychological mental well-being for over 27 years. I have an MA (Hons) in Psychology (Uni of Edinburgh), an MSc in Psychology and Health (Uni of Stirling) and a Ph.D. in professional health team working (Uni of St. Andrews). 

I have worked clinically with many different client groups, including learning disabilities, mental health and children.  I specialise in helping individuals and athletes achieve mental well-being and optimum functioning, whilst also training teams on performance essentials. 

What do you need to know?

All services are confidential and discreet. Full assessment will be carried out before being any work begins. This is to firstly ensure that this is the best service for you to work with and secondly, to gather the information necessary to design a package with individual needs in mind. Using a variety of established psychological techniques and tools, selected to ensure you receive the best possible care, the aim is always to achieve your goals in the shortest time possible. 

What you may want to know about La Puerta


1. How long is a session?

Depending on the type of package that is being carried out session times are typically as follows: 

Coaching – 1 hour; 

Transformational Therapy – 1-2 hours. 

Football packages will be designed in conjunction with clubs, agents and players.

2. How much is a session or package?

Costing is available on request 

3. Where will sessions be held?

Individual transformational therapy sessions will be held at the La Puerta Coaching therapy room.

Football packages and coaching sessions, can be held on site of business or an agreed location.


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