Dr. Anne Duguid


Moving from surviving to thriving


Trauma can come in many forms. It can create an unwanted shadow in your life. We will work together in a safe environment to help you release the negative emotions and memories associated with your experiences.


Life is about forward motion and my aim is to open your future to a world of possibility. With nothing holding you back, you can begin to explore how you want your future to be and begin to plan how to get there.

Dr. Anne Duguid

I have been working and studying psychological mental well-being for over 28 years. I have an MA (Hons) in Psychology (Edinburgh University), an MSc in Psychology and Health (Stirling University) and a Ph.D. in MCNS in the Scottish NHS (St. Andrews University). I have also been practising and learning hypnosis since I was 14.

I use Transformational Therapy to help clients release the negative emotions and memories associated with the trauma they have experienced. You can see two of my previous clients talking about their experiences working with me here. (link)

My overall aim is to support my clients as they transition through surviving to thriving: firstly, we concentrate on lessening the impact of trauma and then, we move on to how they envision their future without the domineering influence of fear.


During my work with clients commonly touches on the following areas:

Relationships, Self Image, Mood, Unwanted Behaviours


Trauma can be caused by many different types of experience. Trauma can be something that happened once or infrequently, or it can be chronic, occurring over years. However, what is common to both types, is that the traumatised individual has experienced extreme levels of fear.

This fear, if left undealt with, often affects every part of life. It is like an unwelcome presence, always in the back of the mind. Even when an effort is made to ignore it, its impact can be felt in in the everyday.

If you are reading my website, I am assuming you have experienced some form of trauma and that have tried everything you can to rid yourself of the associated fear which pollutes your life. I am also assuming that you are so tired of the ongoing negative influence of trauma, that you are ready to do the good work necessary to move from surviving to thriving.

If you are, please feel free to read on. Even if we never meet, know that the content here is aimed to help you feel less alone.


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