Playing at your best means training your mind as well as your body. Find out how you can develop your mental skills to enhance your footballing performance on the pitch and become the best.


Players face many challenges which impact on their career. As an agent you want to ensure the best support and resources for your clients. Find out how we can help you ensure their success.


In the modern game, your team needs access to expert psychological training. Our communication, leadership and team building services can raise your Club’s performance to the highest level.

In competitive sports, being mentally prepared is every bit as important as being physically fit.

What the players say


Pro Footballer (UK)

"I have really enjoyed my sessions with Anne. She helped me to prepare mentally for upcoming games by visualising the opposition and not fearing them. The sessions also helped me be confident, not only in my own ability but in my team mates as well"


Pro Footballer (Scotland)

"I really liked my session with Anne because i thought it really helped and will start to help me in many ways. I struggled with adjusting, moving into a different country to do what I loved most. Through her sessions, it taught me how to cope, manage and not succumb to feeling low, I really appreciate her for that”


PRO FOOTBALLER Premier League (Scotland)

"Anne was great with myself and my team mates. She showed us the benefits of always encouraging each other and working as a team. On a personal level she helped me massively and gave me the confidence and belief to go and play at a higher level"

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