Dr. Anne Duguid





I have been working in health related fields for over 25 years and my focus has always been the alleviation of suffering and the attainment of physical and personal balance. I work from the assumption that all of us want to avoid harm and all of us desire our highest possible potential.

Unfortunately, life can prove tricky and at certain points along our journey, we can get stuck and need to seek outside support: this is as it should be, because the human being is, after all, a social being.

I have spent my whole working and academic life learning about how people relate to themselves and others; exploring how as individuals and groups we can exceed our limits and enhance our creativity; and how we can truly live lives which are morally in tune with our personal natures.

I avoid easy answers, and short cuts: life it too rich to be captured in a bullet point.

I gain pleasure from watching my client's transform.

I enjoy conversations about anything you care to talk to me about and promise to listen closely.