Older Adults


As we get older, we all need to work hard to maintain our physical and social activity levels. To do this, it is vital that we understand our personal growth and development continues throughout our lifespan.

However, as people age they can become concerned that they are becoming more forgetful, less socially skilled and that their physical abilities are reducing. When this happens, it is common for an individual to become hyper-focussed on those things that they struggle with, as opposed to all the things they perform perfectly well. This impacts on their confidence and can cause them to become increasingly withdrawn and anxious: their social world shrinks.

At this point, it is important to know, that if we can change the way we think about getting older, we can all take back some control in our lives.

Essentially, getting older does not have to mean a withdrawal from life, but an opportunity for new experiences and adventures.

By helping every client put the focus back on themselves as a thriving, growing individual, I help them activate their internal resilience; teaching them how to relax and move their focus to positive outcomes, thus increasing their social confidence and giving them the motivation to go out and enjoy every part of their life to the fullest.