Every Club dreams of winning. La Puerta Coaching can help you achieve your dream. We mould your individual players into a tight, high performing team; a team that proudly represents the history, values and ideals of your Club. 

La Puerta Coaching - Team Performance Enhancement Services, specialise in enhancing Manager and individual player knowledge. Building and strengthening the habits which are fundamental to a team with a winning attitude.

Training is delivered over staged units which increase in complexity. Programmes are designed with each individual club’s needs foremost. Topics covered include:

  • How the mind and body work together successfully 

  • The autonomic system and using it to your advantage

  • How winning teams communicate on the pitch

  • Dealing with mistakes and when things go wrong

  • Positive self-programming and self-belief

  • Goal-scoring tips and tricks, beating the goalie 

  • Visualisation and seeing the outcome you want

  • Injury recovery and how to heal for the long-term

Services are available for individual players who need personalised, targeted work. For further information, please go to the Players page. (Click here)