What is the reason someone chooses to listen to the pain and suffering of others, day in day out?

Is it because they have a desire to be a guru? To sit above the ‘common man’ filling themselves up with the adoration of followers. Is it because they claim a spiritual mission? One that is often wrapped up in mis-appropriated faith themes. Is it because they use others’ distress to mask their own insecurities; always looking outside leaving no time to look within.

Maybe it is all of the above and more. Maybe it is all of above at different times. Maybe it is all of the above at the same time.

For me though, it was simply because I was broken. I knew I had something out of step within me that I could not reach. So, I helped others in the hope that they would help me to help myself.

I listened, I learnt, I lived a thousand lives through their stories. Always searching, always seeking, striving to locate peace and stability. Ultimately trying to end the ongoing conflict within.

And so, having reached a quiet internal space, my reasons are different now. It is undoubtedly selfish.

I choose to listen to the pain and suffering of others, because I feel great joy watching as they step through the door of their own personally constructed prisons, into a bright and wonderful future.

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